Join a Committee

The Peel Regional Labour Council has several standing committees that meet regularly.

Process to join a committee:

  • To be on a committee you need to be a member of an affiliated union that is in good standing with the Peel Regional Labour Council. You do not need to be a delegate from your union.
  • You need to apply with your contact information.
  • The Chair or Executive Liaison of the committee will reach out to you to get you up to date with the committee’s work and meeting schedule.
  • From there a motion to appoint individuals to standing committees can happen at any monthly General Membership Meeting giving you full voting privileges at the Committee.

If there is any delay or challenge in joining a committee you can contact the president of the Labour Council directly for additional support.

List of Committees

Young Workers Committee

A newly established committee that focus is to build and harness the power of young workers to be strong fighters in the trade union movement. The committee is compromised of young workers under the age of 30.

Bylaws & Steering Committee

The Bylaws & Steering Committee have a dual role of helping developing, modifying, and maintaining the bylaws as well as providing guidance and support with the Council’s parliamentary procedures and Bylaws. The committee supports the council’s meeting governance and can help with the crafting of motions.

Inclusion and Equity Committee 

The role of our committee is to uphold equity and inclusion. We will support our most vulnerable and marginalized in our Peel community through calls to action and unlearning. We want to nurture growth about topics of inclusion through guest speakers, conferences and action plans.

Political Action & Activism

Political Action & Activism is responsible for organizing political action and activism within Peel Region to advance the interest for working people. This could take the form of protests, strike support, speaker series, petitions, letters, conferences, social media campaigns or endorsing and supporting labour friendly candidates in local elections. It seeks every opportunity to build political power and capacity of the labour movement with all our Unions in Peel Region.

If you’re interested in engaging politics and activism, join the PRLC’s Political Action & Activism Committee

Women & Gender Equity CommitteeThe Women & Gender Equity Committee is dedicated to the empowerment of women and promoting gender equity in the labour movement. The Committee strives to remove barriers for women in the workforce.

The goals of the PRLC Women & Gender Equity Committee:

  • Educate and raise awareness on current issues pertaining to women
  • Build solidarity with affiliates and community organizations
  • Promote a growth mindset pertaining to equity, diversity and discrimination through conversations, conferences and events
  • Celebrate and support women by highlighting the value they bring to the workplace
  • Provide opportunities for networking and leadership

Special Events CommitteeThe special events committee is responsible for organizing several important events for the labour council including the Day of Mourning, Labour Day and Health & Safety Dinner. If you’re interested in helping organizing events. Join the events committee.


Join a Committee