25th Annual Health and Safety – Labour Awards Dinner

November 03, 2023 at
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Unifor Local 1285 Brampton Hall 23 Regan Rd Brampton, Ontario L7A 1B2

Greetings Friends and Family of Labour,  

The Peel Regional Labour Council (PRLC) and the Workers Health and Safety Centre are pleased to announce the  25th Annual Health and Safety – Labour Awards Dinner held Friday, November 3, 2023. This event will be located at  Unifor Local 1285 Brampton Hall at 23 Regan Rd, Brampton, ON L7A 1B2.  

We acknowledge activists in our community who work tirelessly every day to ensure that they and their fellow  workers have full access to their health and safety rights on the job. We are pleased to present the Workers Health  and Safety Volunteer Activist Award.  

For 57 years, PRLC activists have worked with grass roots organizations to build stronger and more caring  communities. They fight for social justice and economic justice by speaking out and acting on issues of equality,  pay equity, protection from discrimination, harassment, violence, and so much more. We are pleased to recognize  individuals who have demonstrated exemplary dedication to these goals and present the Community Activist  Award. 

Each year the PRLC will look to recognize injured workers, disability prevention, or disability rights advocates. We  will consider this person’s position/title/role in the community, number of years or time spent on specific  contributions or issue, how the person has shown perseverance to the issue, how the person has educated or  increased awareness to others, any specific Workers Compensation or disability right contribution, and the  outcome of contribution to an individual and/or community workplace. The wording states, “In Acknowledgement  of your fight for justice and dignity for injured Workers. “The PRLC is pleased to present any individual the  Prevention Link Award. 

Please take the time to consider nominating Union Members, Health and Safety Committee Members and  Community Activists, both past and present, who have made an outstanding contribution for any one of the  awards mentioned above. 

Deadline for nominations is Friday, October 20th, 2023. 

Please see nominations forms and the enclosed flyer for additional information.  

We look forward to your participation in a successful evening as all proceeds will go to the Milestone of Labour Monument Fund.  

In Solidarity, 

Ram Selvarajah, PRLC President              Patrick Williams, Workers Health & Safety Centre

To nominate or register see the attached form: 

Registration & Nomination forms